Monday, June 13, 2011



  1. Excellent, positively excellent.

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  2. Joram:

    Everything is connected to everything else. There is a reason for the unprecedented floods, tornadoes, etc. - global warming caused by human activity.

  3. I got an email from my Congressman, (r) Mike Pompeo, the highest paid Koch Industries owned congressman, and a freshman, who's chief of staff is the former head of Koch Industry Environmental Lawyer group......anywho, his email told me the wonderful news about the warmer than usual weather we are having, the wheat harvest is a week earlier than normal. Ok, getting the wheat out of the field and away from potential flood, fire, hale damage is a benefit.
    Oh, what about everything else? Hotter temperatures mean corn is sprouting slower and could be damaged, grass is growing slower meaning less grazing for cattle, less hay. Fruit trees are setting less fruit on, even the sweet lettuce at the farmers market is bitter already, heat changes it's flavor.
    Like the video says, don't make connections, don't consider other impacts. The congressman was happy to find that one positive, but even rose colored glasses break if mother nature hits you in the face with a sack full of hatchets.

  4. Sarge -

    Yes, it sure puts the pieces together nicely.

  5. Whit -

    Everything is inter-connected. It just bothers me that this is not on the front page of every new outlet in the world!

  6. fringe -

    They just don't get do they. Bachmann told the New Hampshire GOP candidates' debate that she would eradicate the US Environmental Protection Agency! She said it is killing jobs!! No matter that it is trying to stop polluters from killing us!!!

    Those that believe that the old model of prosperity will ever return are sadly mistaken. We're already beyond the planetary boundaries. We have used up the planet's easy to obtain bounty. The "Western model" of development is bankrupt...the global ponzi scheme has come to roost!!!!

  7. IG, why have you foresaken us? There are some interesting nes voices now commenting about politics and environment. The debt limit fight and the GOP's latest threats to close EPA and prevent NOAA from collecting and storing climate data seems to have rattled a few from their slumber. Come back IG, come back.

  8. Whit, Sherry, Sarge, Fringe, Illumination Guy, Wayfarer, Pop, Mr. Ornery, - Just wanted to let you gays/gals know that my wife (PuP) has started a new, absolutely private group on Facebook - made up entirely of Ex-Blogstreamers.

    """ Ex-Blogstreamers are the only ones allowed in this private group.""""

    She started it yesterday and has already signed up 45 Ex-Blogstreamers. It seems to be taking off sort of and I think you should check it out. I'm on Facebook - but I don't use it enough to be profienct with it - However, there is a 'doc' feature that she set up where we can post writings and etc. and are encouaged to do so.

    This thing may take off - so check it out - they are asking about you guys - and some others. Pup has signed up Scratch since he is on her 'friends list' but as to the details and stuff you will need to get with Pup and Six and some of the others (who knows the in and outs of Facebook since I don't).

    come on over and check it out whether you decide to stick with it or not.

    I'm going to give it a shot.

    p.s. we need to let all ex-blogstreamers (here on Blogger) know what is going on over at Facebook - spread the word to everyone.



  9. Illuminated One;

    Where'd you go? Come back.