Friday, June 13, 2014

It is a wants vs needs thing.

"Until we learn to live without the things that we don't need to live, we run the risk of running out of the very things we do."

It is a wants vs needs thing.

Stop, look and listen.
The tress with water droplets glisten.
Watch the changing tapestry of the oceans and sky.
Contemplate; who, what, when and why.

We live a life filled with pathways of lies.
Consumed with consuming to hectic to recognize.

Seeing but not viewing.
Using up and not renewing.

We construct monuments of affluence fueled by our greed,
Rather than finding happiness in only living by what we need.

Four billion years of life before us; silent were the lives.
Now the planet cannot ignore us; as we jab her with our knives.

The way we live, a mere verisimilitude,
We defy and deny our impact in spite of its magnitude.

When will we act; will it be too late?
We feel we can fix anything, no matter what we create.

What justifies this notion
That's immersed in commotion?

Why do we assume wrongly that we are that great?
This noxious notion... I am afraid will seal our fate. Joram