Friday, April 22, 2011

Everyday Should Be Earth Day


  1. We can't have it all. We must make choices.

  2. We as a species if not stopped will succeed in the destruction of the planet. Not in our lifetime, and not in our children's lifetime, but in our grandchildren's and beyond we will be getting really close.

    We are poisoning the atmosphere.
    We are fishing the oceans dry.
    We are deforesting the global woodlands.
    We are polluting the world's fresh water supply.

    We are not good stewards of the earth's bounty.
    And why is all this happening...Corporate profits..pure and simple......

    Yes, we do need to make choices, choices much different than we are currently making......

  3. Whit -

    No, we do not "need" to have it all, we "want" to have it all. There lies the problem. We don't need to choose between a cleaner planet and being happy. We can have them both.

  4. TAB -

    I am sorry, but I do not give such a generous time frame for the collapse of our environment. It is happening now. Mankind is teetering on a precipice. If we do not change direction and do so very soon, we will reach the tipping point. At which time things are going to rapidly breakdown. Feedback loops will amplify expected rates of global warming and climatic change.

    I wish for the sake of future generations that we had 30 years to get our act together, but we don't.

  5. fringe -

    I am seeing a positive trend towards more climate coverage. Everywhere you turn today there is talk of "green." Videos, news, documentaries, books, movies and protests and rallies. The issue is comming to the forefront and not a minute too soon. Whether it's talk of living sustainably, green jobs, cleaner and safer energy, rising gas price and ending our addiction to forgeign or extreme weather like the drought in Texas that has burned over a million acres or the 300 tornados that have ravaged the mid-west this month alone. It's promising.

  6. It's slow, but there is more awareness of climate issues now than in the past. On the down side, there are more people doing more destructive things.

  7. Skinny -

    You're right on both accounts. I have alawys felt that the biggest threat we face is over population. The current world population is 6,914,194,741. It increase by approx. 94,000,000 per year. That's almost 1 billion more every ten years. If we know that we can not sustain the current population with the resources this planet posesses now, why do we continue to increase the number of people eating from the pie?

    Some argue that the that the real driver of climate change is not population growth but a market economy locked into burning fossil fuels for energy. The corporations that profit most from taking the lion's share of global resources are the same polluting industries that, today, are resisting the necessary shift away from carbon-based economies.

    The average global per capita of co2 emissions is 4.48 metric tonnes. Now, add another billion people producing this level of the math.

  8. Joram,

    We're a nation of over consumers who do not want to stop. We're going to be very very sorry in the not too distant future.

    Nice video.