Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Self Inflicted

Mother natures anger can be seen in many ways.
Most vividly are the episodes of extreme weather we have these days.

It can't be any clearer how she shows her disgust,
For the rape, murder and pillage of the Earth which to us was trust.

I will tell you that the penalty for these crimes will get stiffer,
As long as those who listen to opinions about mans effect on change differ.

Now that we've cast what has been, the most important Presidential vote.
Of this hefty weight, It's the US the most will burden before the world will lend in tote.

But, when I look at our face of example, I still see nothing short of scary.
The world sees a divided nation, who's own weight it can not carry!

So, what extreme weather must now we be hit with,
Before we all agree that mans effects are not just a myth?

Millenniums in the future, Alien archaeologists, our remains they will exhume.
They will ponder on the extinction theories, I wonder what they'll presume.

These Alien scientist's in their labs, our bones they will explore.
Like the Dinosaurs before,
Our species will be no more.

After carefully viewing the outcome, they will run the tests again,
Searching the universal data base, they find nothing close in kin.

You see in billions of years of life forms deriving from Quasar,
They'll debate with heightened passion, and stipulate this case is Bizarre.

At the conclusion, they will struggle to understand,
You see, never before has a species, become extinct at its own hand.

Final deduction?
It was self destruction! (Joram 08)


  1. Mother nature took care of us in our infancy as a species, but now we are on our own.

  2. Joram
    Climate change may be voted down as an event by the US Congress, the EPA caged, but mother nature will do as she pleases, another summer approaches, watch the agriculture news, droughts already haunt the winter wheat crop in the great plains states.