Monday, May 16, 2011

A Way Forward?


  1. Joram, there is a way forward. Insurance companies, many western nation military's, along with almost every scientist and a few key people in industry know the change must come soon. I think these groups, especially the military and CIA types will assert themselves soon on the legislative bodies and confirm to them the economy will collapse from environmental events, and chaos internal and external will follow.
    5,000 sq miles under water along the Mississippi will cost billions in loss, damage, bankruptcy. Drought in the west with fires will cost billions in corp failures, snow storms this winter cost the northeast billions, tornados have cost hundreds of millions, and we are 5 months into the year and it is the most expensive storm prices yet. It doesn't matter that people don't believe in global warming from cause and effect. Well it does, but it doesn't. They will though soon decide it should be slowed when it smashes businesses, delivers whole regions of the nation to the poor house, runs up food and water prices, destroys markets. Then, like an attack by an outsider, politicians will jump to the front of the parade and happily pretend to lead us to an era of new energy technology, less consumerism, more community, it should happen sooner than later, and I hope my cash to NRDC, Nature Conservancy, and others, my letters and my smart ass remarks to business associates and friends will help it be a day sooner.

  2. fringe -

    WOW! It could not have been said any better! Well done!!!

    On another note. I am having a problem staying connected to blogspot. Almost every time a sign in the program freezes. Any idea why it is happening? That's why I have not been posting. It is VERY frustrating. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I will be back as soon as I get this problem resolved.

  3. Joram,
    I don't know what the connectivity problem might be, wish I could help on that. You could email blogger help service.